Read time: 2 min. Fossil Fuels in our town? No frackin’ way! We all deserve clean food, water, and air. We all deserve safety and protection in our places of work, play, and housing. Those things are not negotiable. So when the fossil fuel industry pushes proposals and motions to build new fracked gas facilities right in the beautiful PNW, it can be pretty scary. Climate activists have fought against the use of coal and oil in the Pacific Northwest but now attention is being turned toward the use of harmful fracked gas. But there are folks out there who are holding the line against these toxic proposals: Meet our fracked gas-kicking friends at Power Past Fracked Gas (PPFG)!

PPFG is a coalition that actively works to protect the health and safety of Pacific Northwest communities and climate, particularly mobilizing against fossil fuel projects around fracked gas and equitably transitioning from dirty fossil fuels to clean energy. Similarly to how we at Story 2 intentionally choose who we work with for a more just and thriving world, PPFG has worked in partnership with many tribal nations across the Pacific Northwest as well as low-income families and people of color. All of these communities are and have been historically affected by the impacts of fracked gas drilling. They also have many coalition partners including Rogue Climate,, and Protectors for Salish Sea.

In Winter 2019, PPFG rallied against fracked gas on the steps of the Washington State Capitol in Olympia—all in the face of chilly February! On February 21st, PPFG and many Washington climate activists delivered boxes and boxes of 150,000 public comments and petitions to Gov. Inslee to urge him to reject proposals for fracked gas infrastructure in Washington.

“It’s really important to have organizations that can help amplify and increase the visibility of projects and work that is fighting climate change.” – Gabe, Developer @ Story 2 Designs

While the implications of fracked gas are no joke, we admired the powerful joy PPFG has found in its movement building and organizing. Their February 2019 protest was on Gov. Inslee’s birthday so PPFG and fellow activists sent the governor birthday wishes while also sending a powerful, clean energy message at the Washington State Capitol. (They even gave away free PPFG shirts and ate cupcakes!)

From Tacoma to Jordan Cove, PPFG has made quite the impact in the PNW with a number of wins. If you find their work exciting and want to educate yourself on fracked gas, clean energy, and their campaign work you can access free articles and studies in PPFG’s resource library here.

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