Read time: 2 min. We could look at your horoscope, Myers-Briggs, or zodiac animal—or we could give you this delightful worksheet exploring how you digitally show up as a creative. We’ve been asking ourselves how can we support our friends and community members who are individual creatives, as well as: How can the websites we build individual creatives support them and their identity? While we’ve built tools and exercises on how to form personalities for organizations, we hadn’t shared any tools specifically for individual creatives. But that changes today! Of course, we are in no way shape or form trying to tell you how to be you—this is more of a worksheet/deep introspection for folks who do know who they are, but just need a little help excavating those ‘hidden gem’ ideas.

How to Dig ?

Think of this as an archaeological dig in your big, beautiful brain. ? You might unearth some vulnerability, sift through some nonsense, and there’s a good chance you’ll find treasure, but most of all we hope you have fun discovering the creative you!


ID Please

Who are the people you want to meet a.k.a your audience? What communities inhabit your digital world on the micro and the macro? ? What communities do you already belong to?


Sounds Good ?

If you could describe your creative persona as a language what would it sound like? (e.g. Would emojis be in your lexicon? Is the lingo fast and zippy or measured and succinct? *Bonus question: Ask your friends what phrases you say the most—you might be surprised how well those will fit into your website’s online copy!)


Genius in a Bottle

Describe your creative persona if it were turned into a potion. What does it smell like? What does the bottle look like? What are the special effects upon use?


It’s a Look

Now that you’ve got an idea on your aesthetic, what colors are your favorite clothes? Your dream wardrobe? What does your phone case look like? Keep a digital diary of your color palette preferences in your life. ?


The Bold Type

How many creative risks do you like to take? How experimental are you in your work, and how does that show up for you? Do you prefer to act on instinct or do you prefer to be clear and exacting?


Scary Stuff ?

Just as our wants and desires can help inform our decisions, so can our fears. What do you fear the most about your website? What are you afraid of people perceiving the website as? By listing these, we can try to mitigate these fears to what we CAN control.


Combo Move ?️??

We are all multi-faceted beings, but if you could select three beacons of your personality to represent you on your website what would they be? How much of your personal self and creative self are merged?

?Like these questions and want to keep workshopping? Tell us about your fresh idea here!

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